printer advice.

  bluebird 16:37 05 Apr 04

my girlfriend just bought a basic lexmark printer but its not compatible with her pc. She has an old hard drive and it hasnt any usb ports. The guy in the shop says she needs a pci or psi printer. What are these and how much is the cheapest one.are there any adaptors which would make her printer compatible.

  stlucia 16:48 05 Apr 04

If she's got Win 98 or later, she should be able to install a USB card to give her a few USB ports. Cost would be about a tenner or less.

  stlucia 16:49 05 Apr 04

... otherwise take the printer back and get one with a parallel connector instead.

  pj123 16:57 05 Apr 04

Yes, you can buy a PCI to USB card which you can then plug your printer in to. We would need to know what the specification of the computer is though. Unfortunately, In my opinion the Lexmark was not the best printer to buy. The replacement ink will cost you more than a new printer. Try this click here to see the price of ink for a Lexmark (depending on the printer model) I have Epson printers and the maximum I pay for ink is £3.47 each (again from Choice Stationery).

  Inky 16:57 05 Apr 04

The PCI refers to the slot on the motherboard that a USB adaptor board would be plugged into to provide a USB socket.

You'll find a parallel port printer will be less hassle if you don't fancy opening the PC case to fit the USB board.

  bluebird 17:13 05 Apr 04

thanks guys your help is much appreciated. whats the cheapest parallel port printer out there. wher can i buy from. any in high street? thanks in advance

  fsbb 17:29 05 Apr 04

Buy a USB to Parallel cable cost around £10. You will then be able to plug into Parallel port. Cheaper and easier than buying a USB PCI card.

I did this on a USB Printer setup I had previously.


Will this setup work? Will USB printer drivers install correctly. The reason I ask is that according to the Maplin website these USB to Parallel cables are for connecting a parallel device (printer) to USB and not for connecting a USB device to parallel port on the computer.

  fsbb 21:50 05 Apr 04

Sorry, been on night work and just woken up when I posted thread. You are right, mine cable is parallel to USB. SORRY.

  stlucia 12:21 06 Apr 04

So far as I can see, none of the current Lexmark inkjet printers come with parallel ports. But most Epson printers do -- and probably other makes also. Check out the Epson Stylus C64, for example.

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