Printer for £30 - £60

  coolteentom 08:28 05 Aug 04


I was wondering if anyone could recommend a printer for around £30 - £60?

  christmascracker 08:31 05 Aug 04

Argos are doing a few in your price range

click here$cip=16479&Trail=C%24cip%3D16448%3EC%24cip%3D16471%3EC%24cip%3D16479&categoryId=16479&langId=-1&catalogId=2501

  christmascracker 08:34 05 Aug 04

ooops, that didn't work very well did it!!

Anyway, Argos are doing 2 lexmarks, 1 canon, 1 epson and 1 hp all under £60. If it was me I would go for the HP

  jack 08:37 05 Aug 04

Your local Computer fair will have a trader selling refurb Lexmarks for £20/40
In the MW kent are for example 'The Computer Ink Co' of Maidstone PO Box 567 Maidstone.
the local agents - As usual it costs more to refill 'em that to buy them in the first place,
what ever the source

  georgemac 08:49 05 Aug 04

click here a canon i350 for £40. Brand new. Stay away from lexmark, the replacement cartridges will cost more than the printer.

click here compatible colour carts I use for the above

click here & black compatibles

buy 5 at a time, works out cheaper.

Postage for the lot will probably be £5.

  coolteentom 09:40 05 Aug 04

Thanks for your advice.

georgemac, it looks like I might buy the printer you recommended to me, it has many good reviews, and is cheap aswell.

Thanks again


  coolteentom 20:20 05 Aug 04

I was just wondering...

from the reviews on the Ebuyer website, it sounds like I need to buy a USB cable extra.

Do you know if the one on this page: click here would connect the printer to the computer?



  Belatucadrus 20:27 05 Aug 04

Printer cable looks fine to me. It's one of those irritating facts of life, printer manufacturers rarely supply anything other than a mains cable.

  coolteentom 20:33 05 Aug 04

Thanks Belatucadrus

  georgemac 08:54 06 Aug 04

yes that's the one, I forgot I had to buy a cable too when I purchased the printer. Same cable costs (or did at the time) £10 in argos.

  georgemac 08:56 06 Aug 04

by the way is there such a thing as a cool teen :-))

from a wrinkly with a 1 cool teen and another just waiting for next year to be a cool teen!

well they think they are anyway

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