Printed pages have wrong size

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Wtth ref to my other thread about scanning I need to scan a copy of something I have just printed This what it should look like But when it prints there are only four dates to one page and it will be 14 pagesin total how do I compact it all into two or three pages

  Nontek 10 Mar 13

That is indeed a very long document which normally would take probably 10-15 pages of A4 print at least.

The only way I could suggest for reducing the printed size would be to adjust the Font to a much smaller size before printing - but then it might be too small to read easily!

  Mr Mistoffelees 10 Mar 13

I used printer settings as follows:

Scale set to 60%

Set to "fit to paper width"

All margins set at 0

Print preview then showed it filling 3 sheets of A4, however the font looked quite small.

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Hi Mr Mistoffelees Thanks for reply what is the procedure or sequence for doing what you suggest

  wiz-king 10 Mar 13

Just email the link.

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Surely when I print this off it should not use fourteen pages but four at the very least,Why is it not printing what is showing what is on the web page.When I go into the web site and click on print preview it shows what I have just printed not what I wanted printed

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Can someone click on the link and then click on print preview and see what they get

  wiz-king 10 Mar 13

14 pages.

  ponytail 10 Mar 13

Opened web page clicked on file then print preview then shrink to fit and choose 60 per cent then print I think this was suggested by Mr Mistoffelees and then print worked fine

  lotvic 10 Mar 13

On webpage link you gave | Edit | Select All | Copy

Open Excel | Paste

File | Page Setup | Landscape

Select rows 3 - 63 | Format | Row | Autofit

View | Page Layout

Now you can manually adjust everything to your hearts content to fit on your landscape sheets ready for printing.

after adjusting margins, I get that to 7 pages max at 100% normal

  Woolwell 10 Mar 13

I may be missing something here but why do you want to scan this when it has just come off the web in electronic format? Why don't you just save it?


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