Printable 52x CD-Rs, also which DVD Media?

  Muckleface 20:33 24 May 03


I have just bought an Epson 900 printer which has a tray attachment that allows you to print directly to a CD. I understand I need "inkjet/printable" blank CDs to do this so was wondering if anyone can recommend any? I have a Sony 52x/24x/52x CD Writer so Id like to take advantage of the full 52x speed also.

Secondly, I have the Sony DRU500 DVD Writer which supports both DVD = and - formats. Id like to know which format is better, if its possible to get "inkjet/printable" blank DVDs, and if someone could recommend any that'd be great!

Many thanks in advance :)


  crx1600 20:47 24 May 03

printable CD-R upto 52x click here

printable DVD-R click here DVD+R click here

also click here occasionally has printable discs in stock.

ive had some printable DVD's but HP deskjets aren't suitable.

  Muckleface 21:12 24 May 03

Brilliant, just ordered some of each :)

Now, are the prices of cases on that site good?


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