Print spooler problem

  Dirty Dick 17:02 25 Feb 11

Hi everyone

I have an Epson 1290 A3 printer, and have a Desktop running Windows 7 Enterprise, and the printer is connected by USB cable. I also have a laptop running Windows 7 Home premium that is linked to the printer via WiFi.

i have just come across a problem and the printer doesn't print all the time. I have received an e-mail with 4 documents (3 PDF's and 1 Word)and it has printed all (60 pages). However, when I open a saved document and try to print, the doc goes into "Spooler" and then it shows that it is "Deleting - Printing - Printed" and nothing comes through.

When I go to "printers & devices" it shows a yellow exclamation mark next to the printer, and suggests I run Windows check, which I do and it says it is ok. I sometimes get a message saying "local ptint spooler sevice is not running. Either restart spooler or reestart machine."

I have uninstalled the printer and re-installed on reboot of the PC, which it has found and loaded the drivers.

I have also looked in the Device manager for any problems, but none are shown.

It's got me stumped so any help would be very much appreciated,



  rdave13 17:18 25 Feb 11

Have you checked in services that print spooler is started and on automatic?

  Dirty Dick 22:24 25 Feb 11

I have checked the print spooler in "services" and it was showing "stopped" and on "automatic"

I've tried it with "started" but still doesn't work

  rdave13 23:08 25 Feb 11

It could be that the driver hasn't installed properly. Uninstall the printer driver, usually means to remove usb connection when asked, then I'd reboot and reinstall and only connecting the printer's usb cable when asked again.
Should have added that after the reboot make sure spool on auto and started before reinstall.

  Dirty Dick 10:59 01 Mar 11

Thanx for your replis

However, this problem has dissappeared as quick as it appeared.

I tried your fixes, and also tried installing an "inbox driver" bit still not working.

It was getting late so off to bed, left PC on, and behold in the morning, it started working again

I'm baffled but hey ho !

thanx again


  Dirty Dick 09:35 11 Mar 11

Thanx mgmcc

That works, however, it also takes the gridlines from "view", as she wants to be able to see them on screen but not print them.

It used to work fine until we had a problem with our printer see here click here

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