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  bluto1 19:41 22 May 09

On printing an email I found the typed letters to be about one fifth of the size of normal print. A'd appreciate any help please. I use Incredimail and OS is XP Pro.

  johnnyrocker 19:47 22 May 09

have you tried enlarging print before printing? or save to a word doc then print?


  bluto1 19:49 22 May 09

Neither. The email in question was inbound. I've tried printing other pages from the 'net and results are the same.

  woodchip 19:50 22 May 09

click on file at the top then print preview, you can change the size there before printing

  bluto1 20:02 22 May 09

This is daft, Incredimail doesn't have a Print Preview.

  bluto1 20:08 22 May 09

I tried it elsewhere and it works. Thanks for the help and I hope I don't have any more emails to type.

  woodchip 20:25 22 May 09

you could copy paste to word if you use it, then adjust and print

  bluto1 20:44 22 May 09

Thanks w, I already thought of that, and decided it would be a last resort. It may possibly be something to do with the printer (Lexmark X2350 all-in-one and if necessary I'll uninstall and reinstall. But I get the feeling that I'm trying to mend something that's not broke.

  robin_x 01:24 23 May 09

Click "Preferences" even in a Windows box.
It opens my Lexmark options for me.

Run the Lexmark Print Center.

Have fun.

  bluto1 20:23 23 May 09

Thanks for the suggestion. I finally did what I should have nearer the start of the problem. I printed a few more of the emails in the folder and they were normal. I then phoned a friend and told him about it and he said there's nothing wrong with my printer, the problem, if it is one, is with the sender. The original email is still small.
Thanks for your help guys, I'm sorry if it wasted your time, but when I had the problem the company was excellent. Resolved.

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