Print Screen with wireless keyboard?

  geedad 21:39 PM 05 Jul 11

My HP wireless keyboard does not work. I have pressed the "Prt Scr" key, but nothing happens. I have tried a combination "Ctrl" + "Prt Scr", but to no avail. Is there another way to print the screen? geedad

  Nontek 21:47 PM 05 Jul 11

link text Free version of FastStone Capture.

  mgmcc 22:51 PM 05 Jul 11

How are you using "Prt Scr"? What it does is to copy the screen to the clipboard so that you can paste into a graphics program, Word etc. Alt+PrtScr copies the active window. You don't actually see anything happen when you press the key.

  geedad 23:30 PM 05 Jul 11

mgmcc Thank you very much. I was a little puzzled since this keyboard is new as the PC is, and previously I had used a freebie piece of software on my old Xp with good results. Hence, I had forgotten how to use the PrtScn, and when 'nothing happened' as you indicated, I thought something may not be working properly with my mouse/keyboard!

I will give your advice a go, and see what happens.

Nontek Thanks for your suggestion. geedad

  geedad 23:36 PM 05 Jul 11

mgmcc Just tried it - it works! Thanks again, geedad


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