Print a photo onto 4 or 6 A4 sheets

  Sparkly 15:40 PM 27 Aug 11

Hi we have a birthday party comeing up soon and would like to print a photo onto 4 or maybe 6 A4 sheets to make one large photo, can anyone suggest some good software that will do this. Thanks

  gengiscant 15:56 PM 27 Aug 11
  Graphicool1 16:25 PM 27 Aug 11


I haven't used this free product 'Posteriza' because I have an A2 large format printer. But if you click the link below, it will show you step by step instructions. When you reach the bottom of the instructions you'll see the link...

'Download Posteriza'

...highlighted in blue.

They also speak about another similar software programme called 'Posteraza', I gave that a quick look and didn't feel that looked as good. But at the end of the day it's your choice


  Sparkly 18:05 PM 27 Aug 11

Hi gengiscant thanks for the link looks interesting Graphicool1 your link is allso nice i like the way you dont have to install anything runs nicely thanks.


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