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  User-178362 00:03 09 Aug 05

Is it possible to just print part of a thread? I do not want to print out every thing just the important parts?

  p;3 00:28 09 Aug 05

try tips from this thread of mine; just select the bits u want here

all courtesy of Djohn::))

  User-178362 16:01 09 Aug 05

I Highlighted the paragraph I wanted, it also went much further down the page. Not what I wanted, but I thought it would start where I had highlighted i.e From Totally-braindead Mon.08.08.05. I just wanted to print out what he had told me even though it didn't work for me. It printed out all three pages.

I went onto my second pg, where I wanted to start from clicked on the paragraph,just like you said.

  mattyc_92 17:03 09 Aug 05

1) Highlight the text you wish to print. I will be printing your post from Tue, 09.08.05 | 16:01 so I highlight it like this (click here)

2) Select Print from the "File" Menu and select "Selection" for "Print Range" (click here)

3) Admire the printed page. As I have used a PDF convertor, mine has just been saved as a PDF file. But is still layed out how your "hard-copy" would be (click here)

  User-178362 18:15 09 Aug 05

I have been here all the time. I did highlight the sentence but when I wanted to print. It was still going to print the lot. I have taken my time in answering you becourse I am feeling so depressed with not geting things right its getting through to me. I am just about to reply so another thread than I am going to get some sea air. Not sure when I will be back. I need a rest all I think about is not geting things right. A Princess is supposed to be profesional, and I have xp Profesional so I should be doubley correct. Its good to have a joke keeps us sain. Learning is my only worry, so I am the lucky one

  watchful 18:48 09 Aug 05

Another way of doing it is to Highlight the bit you want to copy...right click and choose Copy...then bring up Notepad from programme cursor at top in Notepad....right click and choose Paste.

Then print off from Notepad.

You can add any bits you want to the same page in Notepad and save as well if you want to.

  CHAIRLEG 19:53 09 Aug 05

click here This is a handy tool to have and easy to use,

  mattyc_92 20:14 09 Aug 05

Did you change the "print range" as stated in step 2 of my previous post?

  User-178362 20:28 09 Aug 05

Mattyc.2 yes I have just changed the print range. I had it h/lighted The Print page is up infront of me, but as I started to type to you the highlight went off so not sure what will happen next, but I did high light the sentence I wanted

  User-178362 20:32 09 Aug 05

If I want to h/light more than one sentence what do I do. I should realy look back at my notes for this, as I did know once

  User-178362 20:46 09 Aug 05

I have now saved two paragraphs in word. Should I still hold onto this or post response

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