Print not print preview.

  palinka 13 Oct 11

I help a blind typist who uses Windows XP and MS Word. Somehow a setting has been changed recently so that selecting File> print now results in print preview being selected .
We don’t want this and, more to the point , it is not obvious to the typist that this has happened – all she knows is that the printing has not started so she sits and waits.. and waits… I can see that there is a “print” button above the preview, which would solve the matter, but that is no help to the typist. How can I fix it so that Print goes straight to print and not to print preview? (I use Vista and have long forgotten how to sort out this kind of thing in XP)

  Woolwell 13 Oct 11

Which version of Word?

  palinka 13 Oct 11

Sorry, Don't know which version of Word, but it will not be the latest. But since posting I've found something in my own system that may be a solution. (I'm on Vista and Word 2000) When I click Print, etc, if I click on Printer properties there is a tick box available beside "Preview before printing". That is NOT ticked on MY OWN system, but maybe it is ticked on the system where the problem exists. Maybe someone can confirm a similar box (or not) in other versions; though is it really a Word issue?

  Woolwell 13 Oct 11

Most likely to be a Word issue.


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