Primary IDE Error Message

  Paisley 17:45 21 Nov 04

I get the error message Primary IDE Channel no 80 Conductor Cable installed when starting up a new pc, I have yet to install any operating system and was unsure how to proceed. Any Ideas?

  mosfet 18:42 21 Nov 04

Are you using 40 Conductor cables?

  Paisley 18:50 21 Nov 04

not sure, how do I tell the difference?

  mosfet 18:54 21 Nov 04

Count them.The 80 ribbon will be flatter than 40 also.

  Paisley 19:01 21 Nov 04

Cable was wrong way round, sorted ta

  Paisley 19:02 21 Nov 04

Cable was wrong way round, sorted ta any ideas about keyboard error/no keyboard present? have tried several keyboards that work in other machines. Its not a usb keyboard

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