Price for fitting a bulb in a Laptop?

  Pompey16 09:51 24 Jul 06

Hi, the bulb in my laptop has stopped working and needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me how much bulbs are and how much would it cost for someone to fit it such as PC World?

Many Thanks,

  johnnyrocker 09:55 24 Jul 06

broad question, depends largely on why the bulb is not alight.


  Pompey16 09:56 24 Jul 06

approx cost?

  johnnyrocker 09:56 24 Jul 06

cause has to be established first.


  MAJ 09:59 24 Jul 06

click here Check to see if your laptop is listed, Pompey16.

  MAJ 10:01 24 Jul 06

For fitting price, it's probably better to phone PCW and ask them.

  ed-0 11:11 24 Jul 06

It could be the inverter. click here

These send a bright light signal to the bulb. Have you shone a bright torch on to the display, can you see anything? Does the laptop have an external vga socket so you can connect to an external monitor?

I have had three inverters go in the last 12 months. Twice on one machine.:-(

They were repaired under warranty.:-)

  ade.h 14:00 24 Jul 06

You're not having much luck with your laptops!

  Pompey16 14:23 24 Jul 06

Tell me about it! If i shine a bright light on it I can see the usual screen so I will try the things you said.

Many Thanks

  ed-0 15:55 24 Jul 06

The mac is fine and the acer is fine.:-)

I won't be buying any more HP ones. :-(

  ade.h 16:00 24 Jul 06

There seems to be quite difference between the DV models and the NX models. I never hear anything bad about the NXs, but the DVs like you have seem to be less well built.

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