Premade Gaming PC, notably for ArmA 2 and DayZ mod, from a reliable retailer??

  Ethefalse 18 Jun 12

I'd want the graphics to be medium - high settings, basically, and for the computer itself to be reasonably priced (£400 - £600). Although it may disappoint certain people, I do not have the time or interest (sorry to disappoint, it's just not my thing) to build a computer myself, so I'd appreciate advice from people who have the passion and knowledge.

The mentioned game, a military simulator, is the one I'll likely play most extensively and I shouldn't need to over-complicate my purchase. Any advice, please? If you're to recommend a certain site, I'd be thankful if it wasn't relatively unknown and/or lacking any substantial coverage in media.

Thanks a lot!

  roddypoddy 18 Jun 12

Here you go chap,and on the forums there is a lot of chat about that mod,

  Ethefalse 19 Jun 12

I was browsing the options and saw this:

Is default graphics card, AMD 760G Onboard, any good?

  frybluff 23 Jun 12


The onboard graphics is OK, but not intended for serious gaming.

The add-on option of a Sapphire HD6950 would give reasonable performance, generally, at a sensible price.

You should, however, check out the system RECOMMENDED requirements, for the games you are playing, for any specific suggestions.

The sites of NOVATECH and CHILLBLAST are worth a visit. Both well respected.


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