Pre order W/8 from Amazon £49.99

  buteman 03 Aug 12

Pre order W/8 from Amazon £49.99 which seems reasonable much the same as they charged for W/7. Due for release in October

  buteman 03 Aug 12

If ordering use the free delivery if not it costs £3.30 extra for postage & packing.

If you can wait till October for it you can wait another 3 days for free delivery.

tems: £49.99 Postage & Packing: £3.30

  rdave13 03 Aug 12

Thanks for that. Possibly might be cheaper downloading from Microsoft? 8 download. If it will cost the same to download then I'll skip Win 8.

  KRONOS the First 03 Aug 12

And the benefits of Windows 8 over Windows 7 to the average PC user are what exactly?

  buteman 03 Aug 12


Yes seen that earlier and if you want the CD version it costs more.

You know what usually happens it is a lot cheaper to buy or download in the US and a lot more expensive here.

A reasonable price from Amazon if you want the boxed version.

If you do order it you can cancel it at a later date if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Maybe downloading it if the price is right may be the way to go.

  LastChip 03 Aug 12

Nearly £50 for that, you must be joking!

Never in a million years would I pay that for an operating system. But then, I wouldn't use Windows either.

I see Microsoft never fail to rip off British customers. Take a look and see what it costs in the US by comparison - $39.99 maybe? There was even some talk about the upgrade edition (which is what you're referring to) being $14.99 for a limited time. Whether that will happen or not, I've no idea.

You could use Ubuntu and have a far more advanced system for free.

  iscanut2 03 Aug 12

I thought an upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 was to cost about £25. However, if you are using Win 7 and are not bothered about touch screens, then I don't see ant compelling reason to change from Win 7 although I expect we will be told that it is more secure !

  Nontek 03 Aug 12

Definitely Win7 for me, for the foreseeable future!

  KRONOS the First 03 Aug 12

So no real benefit then?

  buteman 03 Aug 12

Far quicker start.No Microsoft updates slowing it down and just had a read at this which might put me off.

When W/7 came out at first I could do a full security scan in about 7 now takes about 40 minutes.

Why do they keep trying to shove windows defender on to everyone.

I would probably say that at least 80% of users never use it and the first thing I do is to stop it running in Services.

You usually have a choice now if you want to download I/E or not.You should have the same choice with Windows Defender.

With W/7 you cannot remove it I wonder if W8 will be the same.

  Nontek 03 Aug 12

With W/7 you cannot remove it I wonder if W8 will be the same.

I have Win7, but do not have Defender - nor do I want it!


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