Pre-installed AOL not wanted

  JOHN F K 21:24 26 Jul 05

I have just purchased a Medion laptop which I note on the box has AOL 7.0 pre-installed. I am a Wanadoo broadband customer and I am intending to upgrade to a LiveBox so that my son can use the laptop with my Wanadoo broadband connection at the same time as I'm using it on my PC.
I haven't set up the laptop yet, it's still in the box.
Am I going to have problems?

  Jackcoms 21:29 26 Jul 05

Go to Add/Remove programs and un-install AOL.

You might also remove any other similar rubbish at the same time

  Strawballs 21:44 26 Jul 05

click here then download this and remove all entries for AOL

  dogbreath1 21:54 26 Jul 05 designed just to remove AOL. Insidious little creature isn't it! For those who are thinking about subscribing to AOL, have a look at how it invades your p.c. before doing the deal. click here

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