*.pps file - photograph - how to view it!

  mistagf 20:50 02 Dec 03


I have a photograph sent via email with a pps extension.

This I understand is "Powerpoint".

How do I view/save in a different format say jpeg ,gif or bitmap?


  powerless 20:52 02 Dec 03
  mistagf 21:10 02 Dec 03

Thanks Powerless - but will the viewer allow me to save in a different format?

  powerless 21:15 02 Dec 03

Only allows you to view.

This is a job for Irfanview. click here

  Gongoozler 21:22 02 Dec 03

mistagf, if you have PowerPoint, then you should be able to open the presentation in PowerPoint, right click on the picture and then Copy the picture and Paste into your new application. If you only have the viewer, as linked by Powerless, then when the desired picture is showing, hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard, and the paste the picture into your new application.

  mistagf 21:46 02 Dec 03

[email protected]@m -

And so it is!

Job done.

Thanks mate!

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