Powerline network - any experience?

  Pineman100 12:35 26 Mar 08

I'm thinking of installing a powerline connection from a Netgear wireless router to a desktop PC (Win XP SP2 Home)that's too far away from the router for a decent wireless connection.

Have you got any experience of a powerline home network? If so, I'd be very grateful for any comments on:-

1. The best kit to buy (to ensure good communication with the Netgear router).

2. How reliable a powerline network is.

3. Any problems setting up?

This is for a friend who has a limited budget.

Many thanks for any advice/comments.

  Ashrich 21:31 26 Mar 08

I hope he/she isn't on too tight a budget , they aren't that cheap ....anyhow , I have done a few of these and all in all they work quite well , although not as good as ethernet , although as long as the wiring in the house is relatively good then there shouldn't be too many problems , and make sure that the plug sockets used are preferably on the same circuit . The make and model of the powerline kit and the router should have no bearing on each other as they are only connected by ethernet cable , nothing else is shared . There is usually some kind of utility software supplied to monitor the network , but Windows can do that equally well , other than that all they do is connect 2 or more PC's together in a network , allowing file and internet sharing .


  Pineman100 10:50 04 Apr 08

...sorry for the delay in thanking you - I've been away.

I'm very grateful for your comments. The setup envisaged would, in fact, connect the computer and router on two different rings - one ground floor, one upstairs, (although obviously both connected to the same consumer unit). Would you regard that as risky?

When you say "not as good as ethernet", what exactly does "good" mean? Is the data flow slower via powerline? Or is it unreliable (particulatly considering my explanation about different rings)?

All this considered, do you think I would be better to stick to wireless and use a signal booster?

Many thanks, once again.

  Ashrich 21:45 04 Apr 08

It is certainly more secure that wireless and not subject to interference or the vagaries of drivers going funny either , as for throughput , ethernet is usually best , and this can come a close second as it is a physical connection , but not quite a fast . As for the upstairs downstairs bit , I would have thought that as long as it can " get around the house " it shouldn't lose too much , just that it should be better on the same ring .


  Pineman100 08:53 05 Apr 08

I'm most grateful for your comments on this. In the end, I guess the only thing to do is to buy the kit and try it.

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