Powerdvd doesn't play dvd's properly

  The Old Git 21:05 20 Aug 03

When I run a dvd, it runs very jerkily about 2 or 3 frames per second. Sound too is jumpy which figures. My pc is well above the minimum spec Power dvd wants. PC runs on Win98SE with AMD k6 tm processor at 450 Mhz and around 340 MB ram.

Any ideas?

  Stuartli 21:09 20 Aug 03

Have you checked the configuration out thoroughly, including video acceleration?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:10 20 Aug 03

Could be your G card not up to the job does it pass the diagnostic tests?

  whybe 21:13 20 Aug 03

Make sure your monitor refresh rate is quick enough. My TFT monitor was set at 60Hz DVD jumpy, increased it to 72Hz picture ran smoothly.

  JIM 21:16 20 Aug 03

I take it that any dvd disk has the same affect, also any problems playing normal cd's with your DVD drive?

Does your Video Display card support DirectDraw overlay?

  Bodi 22:55 20 Aug 03

When I fitted a DVD-ROM in my son's machine the same thing happened with Power DVD and so I put my WinDVD on instead and had no problems with that.


  dfghjkl 23:07 20 Aug 03

your ram maybe ok but according to my dvd player spec 450 is minimum needed so it could be some hungry programs in the background,have you had it working before?i tried my new dvd player(LG gdr-8161b)in my old pc, pent11 350mz with 320 ram and it ran terrible

  woodchip 23:13 20 Aug 03

Yep I would say CPU not up to it

  jaygice 11:41 21 Aug 03

will not work with win 98 been there and done that and yes woodchip you are right cpu not up to the job

  woodchip 17:59 21 Aug 03

It work's OK on my 98 but I have Athlon

  The Old Git 22:51 21 Aug 03

Stuartli Video acceleration is on full. Have clicked config on powerdvd and it seems OK.

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË I think it passed tests when I installed powerdvd.

whybe Have tried several different refresh rates incl default and optimal but no improvement.

JIM Same with any dvd, it plays cd's OK (it is a combo drive). I think I have seen Directdraw overlay listed on the system- can't find it quickly though!

Bodi I don't know windvd - having bought powerdvd with the combo drive I don't think I should have to buy another dvd software or am I being too hopeful?

dfghjkl, woodchip, jaygice maybe it is the cpu but upgrading would be costly. I only want to play the odd interesting items on magazine dvd's don't want to play films so may just have to do without. Ah well :(

Thanks for trying, fellas

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