PowerDVD 5 OEM vs Retail - No Speakers Supported?

  Jester2K II 18:11 14 Dec 03

Can anyone confirm what the speaker support is for the OEM (the version you get with a DVD Drive)version of PowerDVD 5??

To find out...

1) Open PowerDVD 5
2) Right click the screen and select About
3) Double click the PowerDVD logo and more info appears.
4) Can you tell me the number after the "Audio Capability" line?

The reason is I have PowerDVD 3 OEM and it only supports 2 speakers. I have a chance to get an un-used OEM copy of PowerDVD 5. Whilst the retail version supports up to 6 speakers (5.1) I'm not sure about the OEM version.

I have 4.1 speakers and would like to know in advance if the OEM version of PowerDVD 5 supports more than 2 speakers.

  powerless 18:15 14 Dec 03

It does 5.1 for me.

  Jester2K II 18:17 14 Dec 03

This is definately the OEM version?

So it would be worth the upgrade to 5 for the 4.1 support?

  ©®@$? 18:32 14 Dec 03

just tried that on mine i have power dvd deluxe 5

and it says

audio output capability 8

version type oem/retail

  powerless 18:36 14 Dec 03


  Jester2K II 19:29 14 Dec 03

Deluxe is a retail version i guess. I noticed on the Cyberlink site it says the retail version shows "OEM / Retail"

Powerless - thanks for that.

  powerless 00:36 15 Dec 03


Audio Capability: 2
Version Type: OEM/RETAIL

Switch it to SPDIF and i get the 5.1.

  Jester2K II 07:32 15 Dec 03

Can you explain what SPDIF is / means to me?

  Stuartli 09:00 15 Dec 03

It stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interface and avoids the conversion to analogue and back - you'll need the appropriate connector.

If you go to the Cyberlink website you will find patches for PowerDVD. from I think version 3.0 onwards, which could prove beneficial.

The OEM version is likely to be bundled with purchases of DVD-ROM drives and there should be no difference in its features.

I have PowerDVD5 and it includes the means of configuring it right through from Headphones to 7.1.

  Stuartli 09:04 15 Dec 03

Am I right in assuming you have right clicked on the PowerDVD screen, chosen Configuration and then the Audio tab to choose your appropriate speakers setup?

  Jester2K II 09:14 15 Dec 03

I can't specify more speakers under PowerDVD 3. Trial of PowerDVD 5 allows me to but according to Cyberlinks website the box i mentioned at the beginning shows the speaker support. So even if i set up for 4.1 speakers if Audio Capability is 2 then it'll only do stereo through 4.1 (and 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1) speakers and not true surround sound.

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