power unit

  chippy+ 10:16 29 May 07

Hi my pc's power unit is making a noise like a air condioner the unit is working ok but the noise is annoying the one I am using is about a year old (Q-Tec 500w 120 fans). Foxcon 6100 motherboard, AMD 3700+ ,can anyone reccomend a low noise one that is a reasonable price thanks Chippy

  wee eddie 10:23 29 May 07

Try cleaning the fan. First turn everything off.

Do not take your PSU apart.

Blow it, Suck it, brush it. The fan that is. Check that there is an easy supply of cool air to the cabinet. I have seen a PC installed in a Cupboard! My friend wanted to know why it kept crashing. Also pet hair and carpet fluff are killers.

This might not solve the problem, but it's free and it often does.

  chippy+ 12:27 29 May 07

Hi wee eddie
I have allready opened case and cleaned out the inside cleaned fans as well as i can but still the same thanks Chippy

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:02 29 May 07

Only two things can make a noise in a PSU
1. Fan (bearings)
2. Transformer (Hum)

transformer Hum is neglgable at lower voltages so I suspect the fan bearings need a spot of 3 in 1 oil.

Almost impossible to do without taking the PSU apart (danger of shock).

Get a new PSU.

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