Power Supply Won't Shut Off

  s99Raj 13:25 14 Sep 08

I've just built a PC and have connected it all up OK and loaded XP Home.

But when I go to Shut Down, the computer shuts down as expected except for the fact that the PSU fan keeps spinning, and so does a case fan which is connected to it. The processor fan shuts off OK.

What could be wrong?


  ambra4 13:41 14 Sep 08

“PSU fan keeps spinning”

Does it keep spinning all the time after the computer is off or do it stop after a few minutes

  s99Raj 13:42 14 Sep 08

It just keeps going.

  martjc 13:48 14 Sep 08

...shut down from the PSU switch after Windows has closed. Restart and see if you can get a download of the latest MB drivers. Those that come on disk are often out of date or a bit flaky.

Then try again.

  s99Raj 14:06 14 Sep 08

Thanks - I'll try that.
If that doesn't work, I'll try a new power supply.

  s99Raj 14:07 29 Sep 08

A new PSU doesn't seem to be the answer. I've tried three differenet ones.

Even if the hard drive is not connected, I get the same thing, i.e. the psu fan keeps running.

  DieSse 14:43 29 Sep 08

Sounds possible it may have gone into Standby rather than Power Off.

Check the front panel Power Switch connector very carefully, in case you've put it onto the wrong pins.

Check the BIOS to see what the power down and standby settings are.

Press the power switch and hold it in for around seven seconds - does it go off then (it should do).

If you've loaded windows, press the power switch when windows is running - what happens?

  woodchip 14:54 29 Sep 08

Check Bios on what DieSse is on about also, as the Power setting may need changing on what happens when you choose shut down

  s99Raj 14:57 29 Sep 08

The BIOS settings are set to Default.

When I hold the power button down, the comptuer shuts down as expected.

  woodchip 14:59 29 Sep 08

Check BIOS for Power Page, then go through the settings to see what each does

  s99Raj 15:01 29 Sep 08

I'll have a look for the "Power Page".....

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