Power Supply Upgrades

  DwayneDibbley 09:24 15 Mar 03

I have a PIII desktop with a 250W power supply - I want to upgrade the PSU to at least 350W, as I am upgrading graphics cards & a few other bits, memory etc.

Is there a particular PSU I would need to get? I don't know anything else regarding spec and details of unit I would require. (does it depend on the motherboard I have?)

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated - where do I start looking for a decent one?


  -pops- 09:30 15 Mar 03

All good component suppliers sell PSU's. Buy a good quality one with a brand name (Enermax, Thermaltake etc). Beware of fakes.

Think of the power you need then add another 50 watts or more on to that as a reserve.

Scan are main agents for Enermax


  -pops- 09:31 15 Mar 03

Should have put this on click here


  Rayuk 19:03 15 Mar 03

click here specials for the week are power supplies!!!!
dont forget p&p is about £10 so perhaps a local supplier may be better option.

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