Power supply for scanner.

  jack 13:41 16 Dec 07

In resurrecting an older scanner my chum found that the 15v power 'brick' had failed.
So he found a universal supply that delivers up to 12v.
This worked up to a point but the scan is iffy and the colour off.

Rummaging in my 'Bitza Box' I cam across a brick that delivers 16v.

So the question now is - 'Is it possible that scanner will have a +1v tolerance or will it be Toast?

  €dstowe 13:50 16 Dec 07

Depends how much value you put on the scanner. If you are trying to rescue it from oblivion, then it's worth a try. If it doesn't work you haven't lost anything.

If it does work you have a potentially useful piece of equipment.

It's doubtful that 1 volt overvoltage will cause much problem. There will normally be a protective circuit in the scanner itself to take care of small blips.

  wiz-king 14:00 16 Dec 07

You had also better check that it is correct as to the output being the correct sort of low voltage, AC or DC wise.

  jack 20:48 16 Dec 07

He has it now so wish him luck.
WizKing- power adaptors for this type of equipment are always to my knowledge step down transformers 220vAC to low volts DC
I am not aware of any other sort
The ones in question certainly are AC220 to DC 15 in the original and 16v 900Ma in the replacement.

  woodchip 20:50 16 Dec 07

it should work, check amps on old and the one you want to use

  jack 10:55 21 Dec 07

We can mark this one up as a success
the Scanner seems quite happy with the 16v brick.

  SouthernComfort 11:43 21 Dec 07

Some bricks ARE AC output. I have a few (things like Christmas trees can use AC ) so always check it.
In addition check the polarity, ie center pin + or -
Lots of equipment have low tolerance supply requirements.


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