Power Supply Quandry

  BHC92 22:05 24 Mar 04

I have just built my second machine P4 3.0Ghz 512 dual ddr, asus p4p800, seagate barracuda 120mb, samsumg cdrw and dvd rom, ati raedon 9200 + 128mb. I have been running the machine for almost two days and it is like lightning. However I went to switch it back on tonight and nothing. It tried to power up a couple of times then psu fused (checked it). Had a spare 300w psu, installed and it fired up no problem.
My question is do I just wait a couple of days for 550w psu to arrive or have people used 300w with p4 trouble free?

  woodchip 22:09 24 Mar 04

If it works OK then leave it

  BHC92 22:17 24 Mar 04

normally I would be inclined to agree, but I have looked at the juice requirements of cpu and it does require quite a substantial load, in addition to the load created by other components. Im a bit cheesed off about the original psu, only been on two days!!!

  gudgulf 22:18 24 Mar 04

300W should be fine---it's only when you add one of the top flight current hungry graphics cards such the Ati 9800xt that becomes necessary to have a dedicated substation to power your pc


  BHC92 22:29 24 Mar 04

Cheers for that. Just to test a theory I built a XP3000 +512 and same components as this machine. I was expecting the AMD to out perform the Pentium, but no way. The P4 flies, I do a lot of VB and it breezes through import routines I have written. I think I am going to stick with P4 from now on.

  citadel 22:42 24 Mar 04

you can go to jscustompcs.com there is a power supply section where you tick the boxes matching what you have on your computer and it tells you the power supply you need.

  BHC92 22:48 24 Mar 04

I need more than 300w. Thanks for that, very useful.

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