power supply isues?

  moecrayola 14:52 09 Aug 08

Lately, my Dell Dimension 2400 has taken to shutting down abruptly, as if it's losing power. No warning, no alert. Just 'popzzzzzz' (my version of the hard drive spinning down lol), and then the power light changes from a solid pale green to a blinking pale orange. I have to hold in the power button until the light goes out, then push it again to restart the computer. It starts up as if going through a cold boot, and everything comes up fine - until it happens again. Sometimes, I can go hours with no problem. This morning, it's already happened twice within two hours. Seems to me like a power supply issue. My daughter's Dell (a newer Dimension 4200) also had the PSU go out on it, or at least that's what I am now assuming.

Anyone else had this problem with a Dell or otherwise, or have any suggestions? At this point, I'm contemplating getting a new PSU, but if the cause might be something else...

Thanks as always,


  Ditch999 15:34 09 Aug 08

Might be temperatures. Run HWMonitor click here and keep an eye on your temps and voltages.

  moecrayola 18:13 09 Aug 08

So what's the maximum temp a hard drive should reach and still be able to operate safely and effectively?

Thanks again,


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