power supply

  freakinmano 04:07 01 Feb 07

i have a compaq presario sr2020nx amd athlon (tm)64 processor 3500+ with one pci-e slot, and im needing to get a new power supply ,i need at least a 350 watt but i dont know anything about the brands names.(whats good whats not) the card im wanting to run is nvidia 7300 gt 512mb ,right now i have a 250watt power supply and that card calls for a least 350watt, i need the price range to be $50 or less. thanx

  Diodorus Siculus 08:30 01 Feb 07

Does the fact that you quote in $ mean you are outside of the UK?

If so, brands may be different where you are.

For UK I'd suggest hiper from Novatech.co.uk - get something around 400w.

i have a sr1909uk, so im guessing that diodorus siculus may be correct, if you're in the uk, i bought
click here
on the man aboves advise and its first class, assuming, you are in the uk.

  BioBob 11:53 01 Feb 07

If thats dollars then Hiper is twice as expensive as he can afford. This one has worked well for me - 500W True Power click here

  terryf 11:56 01 Feb 07

click here for a lo noise fan with capability for expansion, I have this model

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