Power supply

  drew645 11:27 03 Jan 05

I want to check my power supply to see if it is ok for a 9800 pro graphics card.
Can anyone tell me the easiest way to check hopefully without opening up my computer?

  Dorsai 11:43 03 Jan 05

click here
and enter all your hardware, to find out how big a power supply you need. Then you will have to find out what your current PSU delivers. From experience, this is on a sticker on the PSU, but you will almost certainly have to open the PC case to see it, and you may well have to remove the PSU from the case. My PSU's sticker is on top, and not visable when the PSU is fitted.

Don't open the PSU though, for safty reasons.

I would recommend that you have a 'margin' of at least 50w between what the link above suggests, and what your PSU supplies.

  drew645 12:06 03 Jan 05

Thanks Dorsai. I'll get my screwdriver out.

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