Power Supply

  Boyonthehill 17:56 11 Sep 04

Would this be a good power supply? click here Mine burned out today (came with case), so I need a good replacement

Thanks in advance,


  spuds 18:00 11 Sep 04

Should be, you have plenty of power there with double fans, better than the bog standard 300 watt, which was possibly your original unit.

  Boyonthehill 18:03 11 Sep 04

My original was 400W with 1 120mm fan, but I seriously doubted its preformance. My dad came in the room, when I was about to play Doom3 for the first time, and said something was burning. The power then went, and the smell SEEMS top be coming from the PSU, so hopefully it is that :\

  Dorsai 18:13 11 Sep 04

looks fine to me. aslo check out click here have bought from them, but not psu's. quick delivery, and the stuff i bought as described.

  Boyonthehill 18:15 11 Sep 04

WOW, they're expensive. My dad's probably going to take me to PC World tomorrow, and then I can finally play Doom 3 *twiddles thumbs*

  Boyonthehill 23:38 11 Sep 04

I've been looking on the net about Q-tec and aparently they aren't any good(not enough current). I think that this (click here) will be the one I will get. It seems to have good current specs, and accoring to this (click here) forum they are a good maker. Fingers crossed then :)

  Boyonthehill 21:38 12 Sep 04

Got a 400W Jeantach - £39.97, and while I was at it I got an 80mm case fan w/4 LEDs. Should have been £6, but I got it for 99p :D

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