Power Schemes in XP

  Biggeoff 06:35 01 Jul 07

My power schemes are not working. I have tried different schemes but after 20 minutes the monitor does not switch off as is programmed to do, it just carries on displaying the desktop continuously.

Any ideas?


  User-1159794 06:42 01 Jul 07

Have a look here.
click here

  Biggeoff 07:17 01 Jul 07

Many thanks, I am certain this will help me out.


  User-1159794 07:55 01 Jul 07

your welcome

  Biggeoff 09:48 01 Jul 07

Well, I checked all the registry settings as per a working PC power schemes which is working fine, but I am still left with this other PC not being able to shut off the monitor whichever power scheme I use. I have tried a different monitor with same results.

Any more ideas??

  User-1159794 09:56 01 Jul 07

Heres somthing else you might try.

click here

  Biggeoff 11:32 01 Jul 07

Thanks again, no success tho. I tried all the registry changes and still the monitor stays on.


  User-1159794 15:33 01 Jul 07

Strange,OK lets hit your problem from a different angle,
tell me what,
graphic's card.
graphics's card driver.

  Biggeoff 16:36 01 Jul 07

Ok problem solved Rapscallion.
I uninstalled the VGA driver and reinstalled it from the motherboard cd and it seems to be working fine now.
Many thanks for you help along the way. I certainly learned something about registry tweaks.


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