Power up problems psu related?

  RobCharles1981 19:51 30 Sep 10

Hi all

Wondering if u can help here? Powerd up my pc this morning and after a bit the main circuit breaker tripd so I went to reset it. Then I find there's no power to the system which is I5750 and a c
Corsair 750watt and I tested a working psu from my spare system walla I got power and post. Rma with ebuyer tomorrow with a view for a better model. Now this is where I'm confussed here I put my spare psu back into my system and now I'm not getting no power and I checked everything are both psu's gone do u think?

  woodchip 20:08 30 Sep 10

If PSU bows it can take out the Motherboard Cpu and any other hardware its connected to by spikes

  RobCharles1981 20:13 30 Sep 10

I do have a surge protector if that's of any ideas I'm leading towards a psu that's what my mind is telling me.

  Ashrich 23:02 30 Sep 10

I had/have a similar problem with my desktop at the moment , it started playing up , not booting to the PCI-e graphics , only to the built in display adapter , then all of a sudden the power supply gave out , Ok I thought , I'll replace it , I did so and for a while all was well , until just recently when , sometimes , the old problem arises of it refusing to see the PCI-e card , my conclusion is that the motherboard is faulty after 4 years of use and that the power supply was a coincidence . So it may be that in this case your motherboard is/was faulty , maybe intermittently , hence neither PSU can make it boot .


  RobCharles1981 23:09 30 Sep 10

Thanks for your input.

The mobo in my main system is 3 days old from a replacement everything there was behaving fine. In my spare system its never missed a beat be it the Athlon 64 3800 had it over 10 years now but tomorrow only time will tell!

  RobCharles1981 15:26 01 Oct 10

Good News It now works! :-)

The Fault was that the fuse had gone in the Power Plug replaced and all is fine.

My Spare rig at the moment is feeling sorry for itself tried with a new PSU nothing looks like the mainboard has died?



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