Power management prob on Fujitsu laptop ?

  Newuser2 09:04 09 Mar 06

My sons laptop shuts down at very irregular intervals with a message that the battery needs to be charged. Trouble is he uses it at home connected to the mains electric, and the battery meter shows the battery at 75% or more. As the use of the laptop is very limited due to the erratic shut-downs has anyone any ideas of cause and solution. Thanks

  Cesar 09:24 10 Mar 06

Go to Power options Properties, you will find six drop down list boxes there make sure that "Never" shows in all boxes.

  Newuser2 14:37 10 Mar 06

Thanks Cesar, we'll give it a try and post back with the result.

  Newuser2 21:01 10 Mar 06

Have reset all the boxes to "NEVER".
Laptop much more stable and usable.
Connected to mains supply the battery level shows 100% but after a while the battery level drops away gradually to about 60 - 50% and then plummets to almost zero even with the mains connected.
To my mind it looks a though the battery may be getting to its sell by date.
Any other thoughts anyone.

  Jackcoms 21:13 10 Mar 06

"To my mind it looks a though the battery may be getting to its sell by date."

You've answered your own question. Why on earth should battery levels drop off if the laptop is running on mains??

  Newuser2 13:19 11 Mar 06

Is there any utility that will check the condition of a battery.
The laptop is just over two years old and has not had what I would call heavy use.

  amonra 14:46 11 Mar 06

Sorry, that's about the average life for a laptop. Heavy use does tend to INCREASE the life of the battery. They dont like casual, intermittent use.

  Newuser2 15:49 12 Mar 06

A new battery it is then.
Thanks one and all.

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