Power LED off, HD LED on and not much else...

  virve 21:44 13 Aug 08

This morning my trusty PC died: Nothing on the screen, doesn't seem to do POST, can't hear harddrive (not sure though).

The power LED is off but the harddrive LED is on, the fans are spinning, it reacts to the reset button but not the power switch?!?

I'm utterly perplexed.

  woodchip 21:57 13 Aug 08

PSU blown, power lights mean nothing. it takes little power for those to work My guess is it needs the above. Try holding the power switch in for about four seconds it should switch off.

You could also try removing all the four pin power plugs from all drives to see if that brings anything up on screen. do all the above with power plug out

  Ditch999 21:59 13 Aug 08

Either motherboard or PSU failure? (my moneys on motherboard) You could try a different PSU and see what happens.

  virve 22:08 13 Aug 08

I've now switched power supplies with another PC: my PSU can power the other PC, whereas my PC will not power up with the "known good" PSU.

So I should worry about my motherboard? :-(

Will a new motherboard count as a new licence for Windows?

  woodchip 22:09 13 Aug 08

Ditch thats why I told him to try the power off way. If it does not power off the motherboard is fried. it may be storms

  virve 22:10 13 Aug 08

Pulling out the connectors to the harddrives and CD-drive made no difference.

I reset the CMOS as per the motherboard manual.

For some unknown reason, keeping the power switch in for several seconds now works. It didn't before. Odd.

  woodchip 22:15 13 Aug 08

Then its the PSU that needs replacing

  virve 22:18 13 Aug 08

But my PSU can power another PC whereas the other PC's PSU cannot power mine. Surely, the my PSU must be fine?

  woodchip 22:21 13 Aug 08

Are you telling me that you have tried the PSU in another PC after this Problem, to check if it works ?????

  virve 22:25 13 Aug 08

Yeah, I tried it with another PSU in my PC => doesn't work.
My PSU in another PC => does work.

Reset CMOS => no change

But now the power button can power off the machine.

Running out of ideas. If I replace the motherboard, will I have to pay for a new licence to Microsoft?

  woodchip 22:31 13 Aug 08

Then only thing it could be after that is faulty memory. if you have more than one stick of memory try it with just one stick not forgetting to change them to try both. use the number 1 or 0 slot to test them. what ever the lowest number

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