Power icon on Task bar (or not)

  Dirty Dick 17:12 14 Nov 06

I've recently reinstalled XP Pro on my laptop, and have the power options set to show the icon for charging or AC power. BUT sometimes it shows and other times its not there.I have been into Control Panel > Power Options > Advanced tab and checked the box saying "Always show icon on Taskbar" but the icon doen't appear. I've re-booted and checked & unchecked the box but still its not there. Any Ideas pleas



  postie24 17:25 14 Nov 06

Right click in the toolbar,select properties/customise,click on the charging icon and select always show

  Dirty Dick 17:47 14 Nov 06

I've followed your instuctions and STILL the icon does not show on the taskbar.

  postie24 19:08 14 Nov 06

Cant work that out Dirty Dick.My option always works for me

  VoG II 19:12 14 Nov 06

Try this click here

  Graham. 19:16 14 Nov 06

Are you clicking OK, then Apply, then OK?

  Dirty Dick 21:18 14 Nov 06

Used your suggestion, and hey presto the icon has returned, BUT when I look for the Control Panel (its usaully showing when i press START) is not there. Any ideas please?

  anskyber 21:26 14 Nov 06

Try, right click task bar, properties, Start Menu, customise, advanced tab and make sure control panel is listed as display.

  Dirty Dick 21:29 14 Nov 06

Yes, thanks, that has worked

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