power dvd -will it play ntsc dvds

  charlton200 12:06 21 Mar 04

Will a ntsc DVD play on my computer.I have power DVD software.
I know it will not play on my DVD player on my TV.
but i was hoping it might play on my PC.
I will have to order it from America so i want to be sure.

  bta1 12:28 21 Mar 04

yes, power dvd is multi regional.

  charlton200 16:50 21 Mar 04

many thanks.
i am glad you said that.


  JerryJay 17:03 21 Mar 04

PowerDVD can play PAL video as well as NTSC video. This is video format issue. DVD region is another matter.

DVD-ROMs produced in recent years are region locked. When you play DVD movie, it will check if the region setting is correct. If not, then PowerDVD will ask you to reset to a new region.

You can only change region settling for any DVD-ROM 4 times, after that it is locked in last setting. If you alway play dvds from the same region, then it is not a problem. But if you play US dvd once and play UK DVD another time, you may run into trouble because you can only change 4 times.

You could install two DVD-ROM, one for US DVD and one for UK DVD.

  Smiler 19:08 21 Mar 04

Have a look here click here to see if a firmware "region free" update is available for you dvd but read the warnings!!

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