Power button

  red dragon 19:51 01 Nov 04

Does anyone know where I can buy a standard ATX power on switch?
The push to make type?
The one on my pc isnt working and I want to replace it.
I have looked online and all the local shops but none of them have any. The company I bought it from has ceased trading so I can get one from them!

Thanks in advance
Red Dragon

  howard60 19:57 01 Nov 04

your best bet is a computer fair but it is probably safer to replace the power supply completly.

  sean-278262 19:58 01 Nov 04

what type of case will make it easier to locate.but seriously its probably easier to just buy a new case than try to locate a switch that is compatable.

Heard that you can use other swithches to use as the on switch but not sure of the safety issues etc regarding this.

My advice is a new case (can be had for under £20 and most are quite good quality).

click here

click here

click here

click here

All these supply cases

  sean-278262 20:01 01 Nov 04

did you mean the on button on the front of the case that you press? or on the Power supply?

  Dorsai 20:07 01 Nov 04

If you cant find a switch, and i find it hard to believe that such a simple part is not avaliable, there may be an option in your bios that will allow you PC too boot up, and get up and running if the mains is turned on.

So shut down from in windows, and turn off at the mains. When you want to use it again, turn on at the wall, and it boots up into windows/linux etc.

It's an option included for servers and the like. If there is a power cut, the server automatically re-boots and comes back on line as soon as the Power comes back, without a person having to come in and 'turn it on' out of hours.

  red dragon 20:09 01 Nov 04

It is the power BUTTON on the front of the case.

Not the power supply.

I didn't think it would be a problem to find one either!

  radi8or 20:14 01 Nov 04

red dragon.

this any help

click here

regards Bob

  Dorsai 20:29 01 Nov 04

The hard part will be to find one that fits from their huge range of products, and from a quick gander, they will have it, but which is it? It can only be a micro switch, and no doubt a bog standard one at that.

If it were me, i would take my front panel off, drill a hole in it, and install a new 'press to make contact' switch. click here

but that would require more that the average level of;

DIY + Soldering iron + Confidence + I will try anything twice + it's my fault if i stuff my PC up (even at the advice of others) + i dont advise anything that i might stuff up, etc.

  sean-278262 22:49 01 Nov 04

Dorsai has it on the head

A new case like I suggested before is probably your best bet.

But just realised that sometimes if your case was a reasonable price you can take the front off easily. you may be able to track one down and just steal the front off it and replace your exsisting one button and all. try computer fairs the free ad papers, and also look at computers of your friends and family and see if the cover on theirs may fit.

But to tell the truth its probably quicker to just get a new case. plus you can get a new fancy case even the see thru acrylic ones.

  sean-278262 22:53 01 Nov 04

by your friends and family I mean getting the same case model.

  sean-278262 22:53 01 Nov 04

by your friends and family I mean getting the same case model.

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