Power adapter: light socket to trailing socket ?

  John Berriman 20:08 15 Oct 05

I'm not sure if such a beastie exists, but I'm looking for a power converter that runs FROM a standard lighting socket TO a normal trailing socket. I need to run a laptop for a fair amunt of time, but there's not a 3-pin plug in the area, though there is an abundance of lights!

Any help/pointers gratefully received !


  hzhzhz 20:12 15 Oct 05

Drummer John?.

  Stuartli 20:14 15 Oct 05

A light socket, if you mean the ceiling mounted type, is not earthed normally (unless you have the metal holder for a lampshade type) so I don't think your idea is at all practical.

A spare laptop battery, although expensive, would be the safest option.

  hzhzhz 20:18 15 Oct 05

Safer to buy a long extension lead, or as Stuartli says, a spare battery.

  Meshuga 20:23 15 Oct 05

No way should you connect this way. While the ceiling rose might have an earth connection the bayonet adaptor that you plug into it would not.

  John Berriman 20:26 15 Oct 05

Seems there's not a (safe) way of doing this as I had assumed before posting my query - thought I'd ask nonetheless.

Thanks for all your comments - I'll have to use a long extension cable and strap it down with gaffer tape to avoid people tripping over it !


  Stuartli 20:29 15 Oct 05

You should/can earth a metal bayonet bulb holder (for obvious reasons) but the plastic type are not earthed (again, for obvious reasons!)

  Graham ® 20:30 15 Oct 05

Sounds like you are in digs/university. Your hosts would be horrified at the fire and electric shock risk if you tried to cobble together such an arrangement!

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