Posting Responses (again)

  pj123 11:19 11 Oct 03

I have just posted responses to 4 threads with no problem at all. But when I try to respond to this thread click here all I get is: An error has occurred. You have accessed this page incorrectly???? Does this only happen to me or has anyone else experienced this, and why only one particular thread?

  mark e 11:21 11 Oct 03

Worked fine for me

  Forum Editor 11:22 11 Oct 03

to the thread - it's working normally.

Have you tried closing your browser and re- opening it?

  Belatucadrus 11:40 11 Oct 03

pj123 just to say you're not the only one encountering problems, I've tried to post an answer to one thread click here every time I try to post the answer, up comes the error message. Just to confuse matters I can post to the thread, just not the required answer. I tried rephrasing it, posting as a new thread even sending from another machine. It has no links, symbols or anything exotic about it and isn't even that long, but nothing works. FE couldn't find anything wrong and suggested a local Internet problem. Whatever it was I sent the answer via the letter icon and surrendered to the vagaries of high tech.

  pj123 11:55 11 Oct 03

Yes, I have even shut down and rebooted. I can post to everywhere else but not that particular thread. Will try again later, by which time the thread might have been solved.

  mark e 11:56 11 Oct 03

can't someone post for you

  JIM 12:01 11 Oct 03

as said if you post here, for a entry to the thread you want to answer to,we will pass on vai copy /paste with pleasure.

Just name someone so we do not duplicate posting.

  pj123 12:10 11 Oct 03

I tried to post it here for someone to upload for me and, guess what? I got the same error message. It must be something I said. I have now emailed it direct. But it would be nice for others to read in case there is something in the text that is causing the problem. Anyone accept it by email and look at it to see if there is anything untoward in it?

  mark e 12:13 11 Oct 03


  pj123 12:16 11 Oct 03

Thank you mark e. Now emailed to you.

  mark e 12:21 11 Oct 03

I tried copying and paste into the required link and it failed. Sorry mate?


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