Posting MS Knowledgebase links

  VoG II 11:13 18 Oct 03

If you try to post a MSKB link "as is" it will come out mangled like click here;en-us;Q320159

You have to rewrite the link in the format


( I've put a space after // to stop it turning into click here )

Or go to click here - enter the "as is" link address in the box and press the button. A shorter link that will post correctly will be placed on your clipboard, ready to paste click here

With due acknowledgement to flecc.

  VoG II 14:01 18 Oct 03


  SEASHANTY 16:03 18 Oct 03


  powerless 16:37 18 Oct 03
  graham√ 16:44 18 Oct 03

I've pointed out your link a few times recently, I usually remember to credit you. I'll have to include flecc in future. I have a copy in My Documents, ready at the drop of a hat.

  mikef. 17:15 18 Oct 03

or use click here

  VoG II 18:52 18 Oct 03

Bump and close.

  powerless 18:54 18 Oct 03

Is this, MS's doing or PCA's doing with the links?

  VoG II 18:58 18 Oct 03

I think that it is to do with the way that this site interprets them. The semicolons seem to "throw" this site. And not just this site - have a look at how Google lists MSKB links - not as the original (or at least they didn't used to be).

It isn't a big deal and once you know the workaround it just involves a few extra clicks.

  Cesar 10:41 19 Oct 03

Every time you or somebody else posts a link to microsoft KB that interests me I save it in a special folder that I have created in my Favourites Folder I have also made a backup of this folder. I hope your head is now clear after that inebriated holiday you had. LOL

  powerless 11:20 19 Oct 03

click here Just updated ;-)

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