post screen

  comet4c 00:22 07 Feb 03

thanks to those who tried to help with cd r/rw problem,still there but, on the post screen at start up there is an error message about pin 80 but it disappears to fast to read properley any ideas how to make this screen stay longer?many thanks could the pin 80 be part of the cd problem?

  t00ny 00:36 07 Feb 03

pin 80 sounds like u have a 80 pin ide cable connected to your cdrw to your motherboard. most cd rw use 40 pin cables, although i dont think it makes much diff.
first make sure the cable is in the right way. the red stripe should be pin 1.
second if that fails then try changing the ide cable between the motherboard and your cdrw as its possable u might have a faulty one.
one other way is to try and connect up another cd rom using your cable and see if the same happens.

hope this helps

  DieSse 00:40 07 Feb 03

80wire error messages are usually when you should have an 80wire cable, but don't.

It will do you no harm to ensure you have an 80wire IDE cable for both your primary and secondary IDE cables - they are inherently better.

  comet4c 20:36 13 Feb 03

thanks to DieSse bought two new 80 wire ide cables -all's well

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