Post Response takes 3' 12"

  pj123 11:17 22 Apr 04

I am on BB at 600kbs with NTL. Everything on this site is working OK and "instant" except when I click on Post Response. I have just timed it at 3 minutes and 12 seconds to get the response posted. Anyone else experiencing this?

I will time this thread when I click on Begin new subject.

  pj123 11:17 22 Apr 04

That was instant.

  spikeychris 11:26 22 Apr 04

I'm on a bus with 7 computers all online through one standard analogue telephone line and all is working well.

  €dstowe 11:27 22 Apr 04

I'm having a similar problem - like that over the past three days.

On Netscape and get a message "transferring data from - - - ". Sorry but it should be transferring data TO - - - -:)


  pj123 12:18 23 Apr 04

Seems to be back to normal today. Must have had on "off" day yesterday.

  stlucia 12:40 23 Apr 04

Maybe that's why we got a lot of double entries yesterday -- people clicking the button again because nothing seemed to be happening??

  pj123 12:50 23 Apr 04

stlucia. You could well be right, but also thought it could be because I have just received 93 notification emails of all my postings and responses over the last few days. Perhaps that was blocking me from posting any more?

  pj123 21:02 23 Apr 04

Still working OK so I will close this thread now.

  Minkey1 21:30 23 Apr 04

I know this issue has been resolved but I wanted to add my 2penn'orth.I get the mag every month and rate it highly. However, even tho I'm on 1 meg BB, ALL pages on the site take an age to load compared to other forums. If I was on dial up I wouldn't bother to try. I've had this right from registering at the beginning of this month so it's not just a recent thing. Sorry to carp cos I really rate the mag and the site content but the (lack of) speed I really notice.

regards all


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