POST bleep OK, but no transfer of date to Monitor

  Mister Dee 12:40 14 Jul 03

Boot up appears to take place, bleep for post is heard and some acctivity of hard drive but no apparent transfer of date to activate monitor. Any ideas ? could this be a graphics card problem or where else can I look. Any help would be most appreciated.

if the POST bleep is normal then the problem is with the monitor or the cable, check all the cables are properly seated, check that power is getting to the monitor and that it is switched on. replace the monitor i you can with a known good one to test.

  DieSse 13:51 14 Jul 03

Could also be an internal problem on the graphics card, but a monitor swap is always the best first thing to try.

  jbaker65 15:52 14 Jul 03

every now and then, this happens to me. a simple reset takes care of it. Also, rarely, the message 'a conflict in your graphics driver etc' appears on boot up, but again a restart sorts it
Thats computers for you.

  Mister Dee 12:02 15 Jul 03

Thanks to all responses.

Have tried another monitor - no change
All cables and connections seems o.k. and power to monitor is there BUT it seems to be in stand-by mode ?
Then after about 10 seconds, the system shuts down !!
Any more ideas.

  billyliv 12:34 15 Jul 03

Hi, If the problem lay with the monitor or the graphics card you would usually get an indication during bootup ie. normally 4 beeps. What does your Device manager tell you about your drivers? Cheers, Bill

  DieSse 16:28 15 Jul 03

Ah - So it's not really powering up and POSTing then.

Try with all items diconnected except graphics and floppy drive.

If you 've got two sticks of RAM, try with each one in turn

Try taking the RAM out and refitting.

Try taking the processor out and refitting.

Try taking the graphics card out and refitting.

Try building the system out of the csae

billyliv - it's not lkely to be a software/OS problem - the system won't even power up!!

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