Possibly moving to a PC without M$ Office!

  wee eddie 13:32 24 Jun 04

It is possible that I shall shortly be loosing my access to M$ Office and will therefor have to find another (considerably cheaper) Office Suite.

That should not be a problem as I have used Ability for some years.

However, I shall miss Outlook.

Any ideas as to what Diary/Contacts/Time Management software I should use and more importantly: a piece of software can I export my Contacts to: Lock, Stock and Barrel? Preferably something that will just load and install Outlook.pst file.

  thms 13:52 24 Jun 04

Try this don't know what it is like but seemingly "Imports appointments and task list from Outlook" click here

  Simsy 13:56 24 Jun 04

about importing the .pst file, but the EasyOffice suite has a comprehensive contacts manager... might be worth a look

click here

It's generally a very good suite... different to, but no better or worse, IMHO, than Ability, (Which I use the database component of).

Good luck,



  wee eddie 19:49 25 Jun 04

Easy Office looks OK, but there must be others out there.

Any suggestions welcome and will be investigated.

  Pesala 21:06 25 Jun 04

I'm sure you have thought of Open Office, but have you tried exporting your contacts from Outlook in *.csv format? Surely that is possible. Then you could get them into other programs such as Lotus Organiser.

  sicknote 21:12 25 Jun 04

Have you tried looking at PDA software because with that you can import/export between PDA and PC,Maybe something like this as an example

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:13 25 Jun 04

You are welcome to have my copy of Ability Office FOC.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:14 25 Jun 04

Ooops! Too many whisky's...that should be Star Office. ;-))


  wee eddie 10:34 26 Jun 04

before a decision becomes necessary.

Thanks for everyones input

  Belatucadrus 13:43 26 Jun 04

click here iScribe is a neat e-mail prog than can import outlook mail addresses and contacts, also incorporates spam filtration, calendar and limited appointments. Only 716Kb for the free version.

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