Possibly a dim question regarding DVD drives

  Kate B 13:10 16 Dec 06

OK, I have a DVD+R disc from which to install some software. My drives are both DVD-R and are refusing to read the disc. Is there anything I can do about this?

  anskyber 13:26 16 Dec 06

I think you are stuck Kate. Having looked around I cannot see anything which will help you. Early Xmas present perhaps? it is surprising given that most players/burners are multi format these days.

  Kate B 13:36 16 Dec 06

*bangs head* Thanks, anskyber. Grrr at the MS press office. I'll email them and get them to burn it to a DVD-R disc.

  Totally-braindead 13:38 16 Dec 06

I'm afraid I have to agree with anskyber if the drives aren't designed to read + disks you've had it.

It must be rather unusual to have 2 drives the same I was under the impression most drives are multi format the same as anskyber thought.

Only other alternative is if you know someone with a PC with a multiformat drive and get them to burn it onto a - disk.

  anskyber 13:39 16 Dec 06

Do you know anyone with a burner to save and copy back to DVD-R?

  anskyber 13:40 16 Dec 06


  Kate B 13:45 16 Dec 06

Good idea ... I'll ask my neighbour.

  Kate B 14:28 16 Dec 06

*wails* My neighbour isn't in. *throws massive tantrum*

  anskyber 14:31 16 Dec 06

Given that your PC would launch a Space Shuttle do you think that an upgrade for one of your DVD drives is a tad overdue? :-))

  Kate B 15:56 16 Dec 06

Actually, it seems that the disc itself is at fault. Roxio says both my drives will read DVD+R and I've also borrowed a USB DVD drive that does everything and it reports that the media is blank. *throws another massive tantrum, this time directed at Microsoft's press office*

  anskyber 15:59 16 Dec 06

That makes more sense considering the capability of your system. We will all have to await your thoughts on Vista.

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