Possible USB2 Flash issue...

  Simsy 23:15 20 Nov 06


I've just bought a new USB flash drive. It's described as UBS 2.

I am using USB2 socket(s) but it's very slow. By way of comparison I have a couple of other USB flash drives...

One of them is USB1. Transferrring a folder containing a few pictures in, (3MB total) takes about 25 seconds.

I have another USB2 flash drive... the same 3MB folder onto this is virtually instantaneous.

With this new USB2 flash drive the same 3Mb folder takes about 10 seconds.

(Using the same USB socket in each instance).

After buying it I have found the following review;
click here where the comment is that it is slow.

Can there really be that much difference... Have I just bought a crap, rather than faulty, item?

I've only just come across this review... I've been assuming, and working on, driver issues all day, to no avail!

Considered observations welcome.

(I've yet to try it in another PC)



  Simsy 15:32 21 Nov 06



  James. 16:03 21 Nov 06

"Have I just bought a crap, rather than faulty, item"

From the comments in the review it would seem so, but for that price I guess you can't complain too much.

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