Possible spam with my name on it.

  KBEARS 10:30 12 Dec 06

After days of recieving emails in OE with the subject of Hi....followed by loads of different names. One arrived with my name I use in the begining of an email account!
Is there anyway I can make sure the email is not spam and see what is in the content?
I never use the preview panel so i dont know what the contents could be and I dont recognise the senders name.
Without opening if I were to highlight the email, right click,properties,details, message source would this be the same as using the preview panel and leave me open to a virus etc?

  Diemmess 10:52 12 Dec 06

The phoney emails are best deleted without opening.
They happen through someone elses mistake not yours, but are recognised by their garbled address.

Spam filters are available. It depends on what you are using.
As an Aol user I'm well catered for with a built in spam filter and the opportunity to vet the Spam Folder and resurrect any emails that have been put there wrongly

  johnnyrocker 10:59 12 Dec 06

mailwasher click here


  Vangeliska 11:04 12 Dec 06

I've never had a problem reading problematic emails via the Properties method.

  KBEARS 15:23 12 Dec 06

Diemmess I'm with NTL Telewest broadband and use Outlook Express 6.
I hadnt realised that my add' could have been picked up va someone elses address book!
Since I'm recieving a lot more spam these days I might get a filter such as Johnnyrocker suggested but I'm I'm a wee bit wary of it for some reason.
Thanks for the help guys!

  mike1967 15:38 12 Dec 06

Han't AOL got its own spam guard anyway

  mike1967 15:39 12 Dec 06

Ignore the last post sorry people

  Diemmess 18:09 12 Dec 06

From keeness to help backed by little understanding..!
Some garbled addresses can have a virus payload, but if you run a good AV programme it will be flagged if you follow the dodgy file through.

Certainly a friend who who not AV protected may unwittingly have given the contents of his address book to the scum.
I had this happen and the hi-tech friend apologised and told me how it had happened.

Also, having launched my first attempt at a website for local information, I was asked to include a mailbox for email from those wanting personal answers. That lasted about a week because everyone concerned was soon receiving a shedload of spam with a garbled version of the site addrees in a proportion of them.

It is easier to be brutal and delete anything suspicious, but if properly protected your curiosity won't get you into trouble.

  Totally-braindead 18:35 12 Dec 06

Whenever I get an email from someone I do not know I always delete it.

  p;3 18:38 12 Dec 06

is there a specfic reason why you are afraid of mailwasher? I for one would not now be without it; you can even use it to preview the mails on server and see the sourse of it; a lot of mine into one of my addresses have many cc"s attached so i know they are spam; what is your specific worry about the mailwasher?

  spuds 19:00 12 Dec 06

Personally, when I get email that starts with 'Hi' or something of a similar nature, then I just delete it straightaway, that also applies to any names that I do not recognise or appears suspect.

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