Possible PSU problem

  ministry_man 17:52 29 Mar 04

I've recently had a problem with my pc (built myself) it was fine for 18 months then a couple of things happened and I lost my motherboard, processor and PSU in the process. Thats not the problem. The problem is i've just replaced them with a Biostar M7NCD motherboard, Athlon XP 2600+ processor and a Q-Tec 400W dual fan gold PSU. It's the PSU that I think is the problem and I wanted a second opinion.

When I was re-installing (fresh install on formatted HD) Win XP Pro, it would get to a point then the PC would cut out altogether. The only way to restart was to remove the power cord, give it a few seconds, then reinsert it (first clue that its the PSU) I solved this by dropping the fsb down from the proper 333 MHz (166) to 266 MHz (133), so lowering the voltage. (*yawn* I know this is long winded but the main problem is coming now) Now I'm running the 1.9 GHz processor at 1.6 GHz, but when I load the processor with even the most basic of tasks (converting WAV -> MP3 for instance) the power cut occurs again. Does anyone agree it's the PSU or is there something else i'm missing?

PSU Problem...

Looked for updates for your BIOS?

  Rayuk 18:15 29 Mar 04

QTec 400w not a very good psu at all cheap but not cheerful
click here
click here
Also remember when they first came out 400 and 550 a reviewer said ok for the 550 but no for the 400

  ministry_man 18:17 29 Mar 04

Haven't yet, mainly because the symptoms pointed to a load cut out.

I'll check the BIOS updates see if that sorts it out.

  spargo 18:47 29 Mar 04

Have you checked the CPU temperature? The system might be going into shutdown mode.

  ministry_man 20:16 29 Mar 04

The CPU is at 25 degrees C. it wasn't that. I've sorted my problem now. swapped the PSU

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