Possible email spam hijack?

  Gardenleaver 18:59 20 Jan 08


Occasionally I receive bounced emails like this (that supposedly I have sent):

Subject: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 01:26:11 -0600 SALE 79% OFF on Pfizer

You've successfully updated your Free Alerts service!

Please click the link below to manage your Alerts or add new delivery profiles. If the link isn't clickable, please copy the entire link, paste it into your Web browser's address bar and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Link posted here - ghzu dot com>

If you have not activated Free Alerts and believe you might have received this message in error, please contact the Customer Center immediately at 1-877-cjtbPC.


Online Banking Team

- I haven't sent such an email, so have some spammers hijacked my email account and are sending spam under my account name?

My email software is Outlook 2007 running under Windows XP.

Many thanks.

  tullie 19:24 20 Jan 08

I think,just delete it

  VillaB6 19:41 20 Jan 08

Google Spambully - it's a good prog that blocks all rubbish - you choose what you want to recieve - decide what countries you want to recieve from - or bounce it straight back to them

  Gardenleaver 20:22 20 Jan 08

Thanks, however I haven't made myself clear.

The emails come back to me as if I have sent them. ie I sometimes get a 'user not known' message when supposedly I have sent an email like the one above. That's how I get to know about them.

I don't mind too much about receiving such spam.

I do mind that it appears my own Outlook account is sending spam to others and I have no control over it.

All my anti-spyware and AV software says my system is clean.

Any further ideas? Many thanks.

  Fingees 20:42 20 Jan 08

It's usually due to spyware getting into your system and sending your email address.

Make sure you have good antispyware on your computer.

Unfortunately some people receive many of these so called bounced messages per day.
I know it's irritating, but once your address is circulated by some of these things, not a lot can be done until they fade away.
Just delete

  p;3 20:45 20 Jan 08

if you think you might be infected take a system restore point now; then fully update reboot and run these free programs

click here
click here
click here
and run an on line scan from trend
click here

if still worried register with either click here


click here
and get them to check you out with some more specialist tools for any nasties

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