positioning and the thought behind xhtml & css

  DjayMeStarr 13:45 13 Jul 04

I'm learning to write (at least I want to ;o) xhtml strict with css. And although I won't use it on a clients project yet, I'm experimenting alot with the possibilities.

But my question is what is the idea behind it?
Are you to put everything in divs give them an id and make up every seperate div as you go along? I know the idea is to seperate markup and design, but there's always something that comes up so you'll have to adjust the div you created as a uniform element.

What I mean is, yes if you make a site the usual dull 3 col. 800 * xxx px centered design. I imagine it's possible to have a reasonably small style sheet, but doesn't it grow exponentially when you want to make unusual designs? Or is it just that I am so inexperienced and that after a while I'll see the lite how to make it more compressed?

  AndySD 14:56 13 Jul 04

look at using class

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