Positioning of opened windows on desktop

  MichelleC 13:40 15 Jul 06

I know this could be a long shot but is there a way of opened windows to position themselves where you want on the desktop? Every time I double-click and unzip a file the opened window covers the icons on the left-hand side of the desktop, so I have to then move the frame to the right before extracting to an icon. It's probably a value needing adding in the registry.

XP home. TIA

  vinnyT 14:43 15 Jul 06

Don't know, but the way I got around this is to position all my icons on the right hand side of my desktop.

Hope this helps.

  Joe R 15:07 15 Jul 06


unsure if this will work with zip files etc, but if you open a windows folder, you can drag it and resize it, to any position on your desktop, and when you close and re-open it, it should open exactly where you left it.

  ArrGee 16:41 15 Jul 06

Not sure if this is of help, but worth a look at anyhows click here

  Batch 17:59 15 Jul 06

If you don't use it (much) already, you could place the icons you want to extract to on the Quick Launch bar and then they'd always be visible.

You can unlock and extend (by dragging) the taskbar if you need to create more space.

  MichelleC 08:17 16 Jul 06

I thought it was a long shot. Maybe Vista will have this option. Thanks all.

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