Posible problem with "Click Here"

  cagey 22:25 06 Feb 03

When I click on "Click Here", it works OK except the web address appears in a very small box (about 5cm x 0.5cm) which is not easy to see. Is this correct or can you advise me what to do to bring this up in full screen.

  User-312386 22:35 06 Feb 03

yes that is correct, it means you can view what website you are being directed to before you click on it


  Nellie2 22:35 06 Feb 03

Can't you just maximise the window by clicking on the square next to the x in the right hand corner or have I missed something here?

  watchful 22:39 06 Feb 03

If you hover over it, it shows the website address so that, as said above by madboy33, you know what it is before you click on it.

  cagey 22:43 06 Feb 03

Yes I can and do maximise the window by the usual method but the very small window that appears when I click on "Click Here" is sometimes not easy to instantly see. I thought there may be some method of rectifying this. But if there isn't then I will have to live with it.

  Cordy13 22:47 06 Feb 03

Do you mean "clicking" or hovering?

  User-312386 22:48 06 Feb 03

that window is just a safeguard, so you can see if the link is OK or where it takes you


  Nellie2 22:51 06 Feb 03

sorry if I sounded a bit patronising there cagey, didn't mean to, I don't seem to get a little window I just madly click away....didn't even realise about the hovering bit until watchful mentioned it.......you learn something new every day :)

  Djohn 22:52 06 Feb 03

cagey, what size screen and resolution are you using.

  cagey 23:03 06 Feb 03

I have a 17 inch monitor at a resolution 1024x768 at True color(32 bit)

  watchful 23:03 06 Feb 03

It might be that when you're hovering over the click here it doesn't stay on long enough for you to read it. I've just discovered that if you 'right' click on it a menu comes up that you could copy it or something from there.
Or, perhaps, as Djohn asks, you may be able to make the writing larger.

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